Photo Organizing Party for 6 with Isabelle Dervaux

Photo Organizing Party for 6 with Isabelle Dervaux

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You, the host, provide the refreshments at your home with either breakfast, tea and cookies, or non-alcoholic cocktails for five of your friends.

Estimated Value: $500

Guests come with their iPhone (or their iPhone and Mac) ready to tackle a specific project/album they'd like to work on.

After gathering and catching up, we sit down around the table with Isabelle Dervaux, an APPO certified photo organizer, who will teach you how to organize your photos with Apple Photos.

After learning the basics and the tips you need to streamline your collection, we put on some music and work on our projects together.

You leave energized to finish the work at home and share the project with grandparents and other family members.

Here’s what attendees will learn:

1. The key to finding specific photos quickly (no more endless scrolling through your camera roll).

2. A simple way to curate your collection (good-bye forgettable attempts and old screenshots).

3. How good it feels to free up space on your devices, and more mental space and clarity too!

Past attendees of Isabelle’s workshops said:

"This workshop was concrete, clear and practical. Isabelle is a warm, insightful, versatile teacher and she gave us a lot of useful information in a short amount of time."

Duration: 2hr total including the party

Number of people: 6 people including host

Restrictions: Only iPhones, iPads or Mac devices

Time limit: One year from the auction date

Do any blackout dates apply? Not during the Holidays

Where can this take place? New York City unless special arrangement

How far in advance should this be booked? One week to a month

Is there a minimum age requirement? 21

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